Door County Specialty Group Tours

Have a small group of family, friends, co-workers — and looking for an authentic Door County experience? Here’s a sampling of tour specialties and services:

Youthful Group Nature Experience
Hands-on nature for the young or young at heart! Experience our water resources and what lives in and around this wet world. Discover the woodland world of forests and trees and what lives in these habitats.

Woodland Walk and Wine
Choose your destination or we’ll suggest one for you. Bring your walking shoes and your thirst for an easy and relaxing time with your choice of friends or family. We’ll customize to your heart’s content.

Time for Two
Need some quality time with a loved one? Schedule a morning or afternoon walk together with a Naturalist guide. Tell us where you’d like to go, what you’d like to drink and for a snack, OR leave all the details to us for a surprise location and refreshments.