To improve the quality of natural habitats and support the native species in Door County

Door County Nature and Travel provides Natural Land Management and Consultation services in Door County to landowners, homeowners, condominium associations and conservation organizations. We design and implement projects to control invasive or nuisance plant species, improve, restore or create habitat and perform biological surveys and inventories (bird, plants, frogs etc.). With a growing awareness of our native landscapes, and the public’s better understanding of the role of non-native, invasive species, projects focusing on land management are on the rise. Improving and creating natural habitats on privately held properties contributes to the diversity, quality and enjoyment of our native flora and fauna in Door County.

Samples of projects include:

  • Biological Surveys
  • Invasive species – site surveys, control and monitoring
  • Habitat improvement and restoration
  • Prairie establishment
  • Appropriate tree thinning and/or removal
  • Native tree planting
  • Undesirable Plant Control
  • Invasive Plant Species in Door County

Invasive plant species are found throughout the County. They can affect property values, degrade natural habitats and be a nuisance for landowners. With the appropriate tools, techniques, and time these unwanted plants are manageable. Specific control practices are used for specific invasive plant species. We guarantee our work and offer to train landowners to continue with plant monitoring. For more information on Door County’s invasive plants, see Door County’s Unwanted.

Why Choose Door County Nature and Travel?

Client History.  Door County Nature and Travel’s track record with land management projects is portrayed by their client list: The Nature Conservancy, Door County Land Trust, The Ridges Sanctuary, Marshall’s Point, Baileys Harbor Yacht Club, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Mariner Cove Home Owners Association and numerous private home owners. Many of these projects were and are currently located in or near State Natural Areas. This is a testament to the experience, knowledge and respect that Paul Regnier and his business possess.

Expertise and Experience:  Owner Paul Regnier’s expertise is based on working in natural areas for over 25 years. He possesses more experience in natural areas than any other invasive species contractor in the County. In 2010, he worked with representatives from private and public conservation agencies to develop conservation measures that outline more specific techniques and methods of controlling invasive species in natural areas. Paul has worked for conservation organizations for 27 years and earned his bachelors and masters degree from the College of Natural Resources at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

 Trained Certified and Licensed:  Door County Nature and Travel staff is trained, and Wisconsin certified and licensed to control invasive species. We use the best management practices available to control invasive species and encourage native species. We know the biology of the native species and the many rare plants found in Door County. Our respect for the natural environment is first and foremost in our invasive species control projects. Our goal, with invasive species control, is to improve the quality of natural habitats and support the native species found within these habitats.

Got Weeds??

Weeds are common. Some are more common than others. And some we don’t want to be common –especially on our beaches or in our parks natural areas and on our property. Check out Door County’s Unwanted for our list of  most unwanted plants in Door County. The Got Weeds? program is for Door County landowners who are concerned about invasive species on their property. Call us and for a nominal fee, we’ll visit your property and perform a site assessment.

Site Assessment:  Door County Nature and Travel offers property site surveys in which we identify specific invasive and nuisance weed species and associated ecological issues on your land and offer practical solutions to improve your property. For a sample of invasive species in Door County, see Door County’s Unwanted.