About Door County Nature and Travel

Door County Nature and Travel, featuring Door County Tours, is a Door County based business specializing in ecotourism and nature tours, customized group tours, natural lands management, environmental education programs and more.

Our Philosophy

We at Door County Nature and Travel subscribe to the principles of ecotourism.  We strongly believe in the role ecotourism can play in preserving natural areas and the local and/or indigenous cultures way of life.


Our Mission

The mission of the Door County Nature and Travel is to provide natural world tours, travel experiences, seminars and workshops in natural and cultural history, and consulting services for natural land management.

Our Vision

The vision of the Door County Nature and Travel is to offer the highest quality professional nature based travel experiences to natural areas throughout the world while fostering a sense of wonder and a greater appreciation and understanding of our natural world, while supporting local communities.

About Paul Regnier

Paul RegnierPaul Regnier is lead Naturalist and owner of Door County Nature and Travel LLC.  He graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point with a B.S. in Natural Resource Management and a Masters in Environmental Education and Interpretation.

Prior to starting his full time business, he was the Executive Director of the Ridges Sanctuary in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin for 15 years and Executive Director for the Warren County Conservation Board 6 years.  His leadership with both organizations was exemplified with dramatic increases in protected land, grant money, and program development.

As a professional Naturalist for over 25 years, Paul Regnier, has lead nature and eco tours for organizations like the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Iowa State University Extension 4H, National Sierra Club, University of Wisconsin-Madison Friends of the Arboretum, The Ridges Sanctuary, The Clearing and more.  His tour destinations to spectacular natural areas expand the globe: from the rich wildlife laden grasslands of the Maasai Mara in Kenya to the cool blue waters of Isle Royale National Park.  

He began working with natural areas management in the mid 1980’s in south central Iowa on native tall grass prairies and oak-hickory woodlands.  Today he actively works with conservation organizations on management issue like controlling invasive species.  His professional background and land management experiences in natural areas are an added bonus as he contracts with organizations like The Nature Conservancy, Door County Land Trust, The Ridges Sanctuary, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, private land owners and more.  See Consulting and Management for more.

Paul is active in the Door County community.  He currently serves as a Board member of the Door County Visitor Board and Gibraltar School Extracurricular Committee.  His past activities include founder and first president of the Door County Green Fund, past president of the Peninsula Arts and Humanities, Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors, and more.  He’s been an active Door County youth soccer coach and soccer promoter since 1997.